The Company

FM VISION SRL is a company founded in 1997 by Ing. Augusto Falchetti Frescura, with the Vision becoming an important reference for automatic ON-LINE inspection with artificial vision systems in FOOD, BEVERAGE and PHARMA systems.

FM VISION designs and builds machines for the Automatic On Line Inspection with relative ejection of the non_compliant products.

Omron Solution Partner

To better respond to the increasingly demanding market demands, and to ensure prompt and competent assistance to its customers, has created and is the head of a consortium of companies, each highly specialized in its sector, able to cover all needs from the feasibility study, to the design, to the production mechanical, electrical and startup.

Quality System

Since 2013, FM VISION has been operating in all phases of the creation of its systems, from the feasibility study to on-line installation, according to the strictest criteria dictated by quality procedures. - Appropriate control procedures make it possible to keep all processes carried out by the satellite companies of the group perfectly monitored. - Strict Final Test Procedures allow us to guarantee a product that truly corresponds to the specific requests QUALITY SYSTEM FMVISION has within it staff entirely dedicated to the drafting of certification documents of all the systems produced.